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This blog is a place for caring and sharing. It is intended for anyone suffering from a major illness and the family, friends, and caretakers who love them as well as those who have lost someone dear to them and who are going through the many phases of grieving. It is for anyone who who has questions about what they are going through as well as those who want to help someone else with the wisdom of your experience. The blog, like illness, is not age or gender oriented.

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Live With Cancer
Think Pink
Thursday, 27 August 2015 06:21

Think Pink!!!!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you will see a lot of pink around that month. If you are a women...and even a message for men these days,,,think of scheduling a mamogram.  don't wairt till the last minute.  Only takes a few minutes but it is sure worth it for the peace of mind and/or to catch something at an early stage.

If you don’t have anything pink go out and get something and show your should think of wearing a small pink ribbon to show support for the women in their lives.

If you have not read the two articles I wrote on breast cancer and the statistics I cited relating to the numbers of women who get breast cancer and the number that die because of it (generally most of those in this position have never had a mammogram…please go back and read them.

If you did read them and still have not scheduled a breast exam, even if you are under 50 and have to pay for it yourself if your insurance won’t, find the money somewhere and do it!  If you haven’t done that, go back and re-read the articles again.  Cancer is nothing to fool around with. Breast cancer is curable.  Not getting a 10 minute mammogram is crazy!

Those of you who know my daughter Jeannine’s story, know that she had just turned forty, had her first mammogram and they found a large mass of cancer in her left breast.  It was taken care of immediately by a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation.  There had been no known cancer in our family when she was diagnosed. The treatments and reconstruction of her breast took almost two years however; she was cancer free for a year before it returned as bone cancer.  That is not the prognosis for most breast cancer patients…they can and do get it taken care of the first time by various treatments and there are survivors of five, then and 20 plus years. 

If you are “afraid to know” that is crazy!!!!  You should be afraid of not knowing and not taking action that could save your life.

Please, please, schedule  it now.

Think Pink!!!!


A Welcome To My Blog
Monday, 10 August 2015 12:43


Hi, and thanks for becoming part of my blogging family.  I hope you will learn interesting information on the battle with a life threatening illness, such as cancer, and how the person with the illness is coping with it.  It is my desire to share insights into both the patient’s experiences as well as that of their family and loved ones. As caretakers, family and friends go through their own type of pain when a loved one is ill.  Should one person fight a hard battle and lose it, I hope the words I write and those of fellow bloggers and guest writers will help you through the long and arduous task of grieving. 

My intent with this blog is to help… be uplifting…to share stories of bravery and tips for making life better.  It is meant to be a place of education and comfort, and if needed, a place to bare your inner most fears with others who understand your feelings as they too are living with the unknowns of a disease that is challenging their very being.  My hope is that the blog will have an active network of bloggers who are people just like you…. but for the guest writers, who will add their professional slant to various subjects. Please feel free to be just a reader or an active participant. I will at times share excerpts from my book Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda, which deals with a mother’s perspective on my daughters seven year battle with cancer.

By all means, let me know what you think of the blog as it goes along.  I am interested in your opinion. Again, welcome to my blog and to my world of learning and sharing.


Saturday, 01 August 2015 12:29


Kenna Marriott knows how catastrophic illness and death of a loved one dramatically affect someone’s life. When her daughter and closest friend, Jeannine, passed away after seven and a half years battling cancer, Marriott’s life was altered.

Grieving propelled her to make major changes. Marriott closed her successful Organization Development Consulting firm in Pennsylvania, and moved to Florida. Although trying to adapt, she found herself deep in grief and reflecting on the precious gift she had been given…forty-seven years with Jeannine. Emotionally buffeted, she journaled over 2,000 pages of writing  about what she and her daughter had gone through together. Only her writing kept her daughter’s memory close to her. She struggled with how to make sense of the loss of her child.  And then, something strange happened.

The Impact of the Book

With every keystroke, Marriott felt her Jeannine beside her and that they had been given a purpose, a write the lessons, learnings and insights about what they had been through and to share it with others who had cancer or a life-threatening illness, especially their families and friends. The book was born and began getting recognition and media attention and then winning national and international awards. These confirmed for Marriott that the mission had been given to her by someone much more powerful than she was.

Motivational Speaking

Marriott’s personal journey changed again, with radio, television, and speaking engagements,   becoming a highly sought after speaker. While the subject of her book may have sounded like a sad topic, her speeches were anything but!

“We cannot control how we react to circumstances beyond our control such as illness or even death, but we can control how we deal with them.” she said. Her talks were full of inspiration, hope, coping skills for helping an ill loved one and learning how to lift oneself out of the despair and take charge of what is happening. Writing and speaking had always been a gift for Marriott…and she still feels Jeannine beside her.

Blog -

In deepening ways to reach people, Marriott developed a blog,, initially comprised of educational articles about cancer and life-threatening illness, and now also featuring inspirational, thought provoking blog posts about life in general. She also writes about other issues that she is championing, such as NAMI and Dawn Center.

Support Groups for Families and Friends

The next step in Marriott’s journey was to organize support groups for friends and family of patients with life-threatening diseases, recognizing that most areas don’t have this type of support group, while there are numerous groups for patients themselves. Marriott knew from experience that families and friends need their own champion.

A Glimpse into Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda
Wednesday, 15 July 2015 14:24

A Glimpse Into Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

In the period of time the blog site was down I received many inquiries on my personal website asking me to share a glimpse into my book, Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda…Lessons, Learnings, and Insights From A Mother About Her Daughters Battle With Cancer.

I will be glad to oblige and from time to time will feature specific chapters on the site.  You can also read partial coverage (chapters) on the websites that sell the book such as Amazon and on my personal book site under the title of the book.

Just to bring you up to date, you may want to check out the articles that you can pull up on my blog home page, which features many magazine articles, one television show interview, radio interviews (not all six) on which I have been a guest and two reviews on the book from an independent reviewer (got a five out of five stars).  The book is being well received and I am so happy about that.

As you may know, it was written for the family and friends of anyone suffering from cancer as well as any other life threatening disease.  It contains a lot of information on the challenges my daughter faced and how we reacted to them.  The idea is to show the reader what we faced, how we dealt with them and be able to know what may be coming and decide if they want to handle the situations as we did or learn from what we feel we could have done better or differently.  I sincerely hope that it will help many families deal with situations with an enlightened point of view.  It is of course good for anyone in the health care industry, especially anyone dealing with cancer patients or those who have a terminal prognosis.

I was extremely honored  that a local oncologist wanted to place a copy  in his patient waiting room for his cancer patients to read.  He is also keeping bookmarks which give a synopsis of the book contents on his reading table for his patients to take home to learn more about it.

The book was featured in an article in the Plastic Surgeons Journal, a professional journal sent to plastic surgeons around the globe. The article discussed how they could have more empathy when talking to patients, especially breaking the news that they have cancer, using Jeannine’s story as an example of what a patient goes through emotionally and psychologically.  It was a fantastic honor to be featured in a professional journal written especially for plastic surgeons as they rarely feature articles from lay people in this professional journal.  I was truly taken aback when they asked me to write something for the magazine.  I guess that speaks to the quality of the book and the value of some of the sharing’s inside it.  I hope they read it and learn from a patient’s point of view.  The article should be up on my site home page very soon.

I will post the first chapter tomorrow.

Sincerely glad to be back blogging…



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